Nigel Bennett

Acclaimed Guitarist Nigel Bennett, CD "Truth or Consequences"



Imagine if David Gilmour spent time in Austin, Texas...that's Nigel's style.

Nigel is on tour with the Members in America. Come out to meet him on tour:

Aug. 21: Characters, Pomona, Calif.
Aug 22: Redwood Bar and Grill, Los A
ngeles, Calif.
Aug 23: Fitzgerald's, Huntington Beach
, Calif.
Aug. 26: Cafe Colonial Sacramento, Calif. 

Aug. 27: Hero's Modesto
, Calif.
Aug. 28: Thee Parkside. San Francisco
, Calif.
Aug. 29: Slabtown Portland, Or.

Aug. 30: Studio 7 Seattle. Wa. 

Sept. 3: Lion's Lair, Denver
, Co.
Sept. 4: Record Bar, Kansas City, Mo.
Sept. 5: Brauer House, Lombard, Ill.
Sept. 6: Red Line Tap, Chicago. Ill.
Sept. 7: Down & Over, Milwaukee, Wis.
Sept. 8: Vaudville Mews, Des Moines, Iowa

Sept. 9: Smith's Downtown, Mishawaka, Ind.
Sept. 10: Belvederes, Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sept. 11: Even Flow, Long Island, NY

Sept. 12: Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ
Sept. 13: The Studio at Webster Hall, New York City
Sept. 14: Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, Mass (Boston)
Sept. 16: Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia, Pa.



Nigel Bennett's new CD “Truth or Consequences” is OUT NOW!

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Big thanks to the Temple University students who produced Nigel's video for "Scarborough Fair." Check it out!

Also in the news, Duck Sauce has released "Radio Stereo," which samples "Radio," a Members song that Nigel wrote.

Check out Nigel's new video for "Both Sides Now" on youtube. It's filled with Easter Eggs.

The ambitious 13-song CD mixes styles like power pop, reggae, blues, and instrumentals, showing Nigel’s versatility as a guitarist and dexterity as a singer‑songwriter.


Here's the link for iTunes and for Amazon. Let us know what you think.

Here's Nigel showing off on guitar on "The Edge."

Nigel first made waves in the music business when he performed with The Members, where he wrote the hit "Radio." Nigel was the touring and recording guitarist for The Vibrators for many years and left in December 2012 for his solo pursuit.

Music journalists around the world appreciate Nigel’s talent.

Here are two links to features about Nigel in Guitar Player magazine.

Nigel's Tips for avoiding Clone Covers

Punks Do Not Age Gracefully....

To purchase a copy of Truth or Consequences, featuring songs like "Both Sides Now" and "Another Day," please visit iTunes or Amazon.

Nigel was profiled on AOL's during a recent Stateside visit.

Nigel's new YouTube Channel has launched. Click here.

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